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Best practices for sculpting game assets in Blender

Best practices for sculpting game assets in Blender

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  • Project length: 4h 22m

In this blender tutorial we are going to cover all the basics in the pipeline to create high-poly Blender assets with Blender sculpt. We will be going over every step of the processes of the sculpting stage of the game art pipeline. If you are eager to learn sculpting this course will be perfect for you. This course will be able to kick-start your sculpting process tremendously!



Hey there guys in the project we will be diving into sculpting game assets in Blender. This will be teaching you crucial steps you need to take in order to create high fidelity assets on your own. We will be covering everything from the basics to advance level details in this project.

What are the requirements?

  • Blender
  • Pen Tablet

What is the target audience?

  • 3D artist looking to improve there work
  • Game developers looking for AAA quality assets

Project Outline

Session 1: Setting up Blender work space

  • Setting up some user references for our sculpting pipeline
  • Begin sculpting with different brushes
  • Create a cute creature in 15mins

Session 2: Going over character anatomy sculpting

  • Shaping out basic forms
  • Doing rough sculpts of character body
  • Going over which brushes to use during block off

Session 3: Going over character anatomy sculpting Part 2

  • Sculpting rough sculpt and mass of legs and face
  • Getting face shape for sculpt

Session 4: Sculpting details into character

  • Going into sculpting secondary details
  • Working over the whole body to correct any mistakes
  • Modifying shape of character for different styles

Session 5: Sculpting cloth assets

  • We will create our own sculpt of a shirt
  • Sculpting folds and creases of cloth
  • Finishing up all sculpts


  • Blender


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