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How to create 3D cemetery props for your game

How to create 3D cemetery props for your game

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  • Project length: 4h 56m

Hey Guys! So in this project you we will be creating our very own 3D cemetery props with hand painted textures. In this project we will be learning on how to create assets that will be game ready for your engine. We will be looking at how to get the most amount of detail from our models by hand painting the textures on them, all these assets will also be mobile friendly.


This tutorial will teach you how to create your very own 3D props. You will be able to apply these techniques to your own projects in the future. I will fully inform you guys on the workflow of modeling out an hand painting texture onto your models. I will explain everything in this course on a beginner level so no one will get overwhelmed, but this workflow will be an advanced process on creating 3D prop assests!


Blender 3D Software Basic knowledge of Texturing *Photoshop/Substance Painter/Gimp/3D Coat

Target Audience

  • Beginner modelers looking to improve there development
  • Artist looking for a more professional wokflow
  • This course will help any 3D artist looking for help in there craft

Project Outline

Session 1: Sculpting Tombstone

  • We will be working in Blender to set up the Graveyard scene
  • Start Sculpting the Tombstone
  • Putting in fine details into our sculpt

Session 2: Sculpting Dead Tree

  • Modeling out a lowpoly version of Tree in Blender
  • Begin Sculpting into the model of the tree

Session 3: Modeling/Sculpting Pillars & Fence

  • Begin modeling Fence, Pillar, etc...
  • Sculpting Pillar for high details
  • Setting up the scene

Session 4: Re topology / UV Unwrapping & Baking Maps

  • Will start retopolgizing the model for a lower Tri count
  • Uv unwrapping Models
  • Baking Normal Maps onto the Retopo Models

Session 5: Begin Handpainted Texturing Block Off

  • We will block off with base color the Tombstone & Pillar
  • Put in minor details with textures

Session 6: Texturing the Dead Tree

  • Starting up the Base texture of the Tree
  • Hand painting assets in 3D Coat


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