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How to make a building in World of Warcraft style

How to make a building in World of Warcraft style

  • English
  • Game Development
  • 2d/3d game art2d/3d game art
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  • Project length: 6h 55m

In this tutorial we will be creating our very own building assets with a world of warcraft style to it! We will be going into the entire pipeline of creating a stylized building that can fit into the WoW world. We will be using basic 3D software and 3D coat for our texturing.



Hey there guys in this tutorial we will be going through all the steps for making a WoW style building. These projects will help you take your 3D modeling/texturing to another level!

What are the requirements?

  • Basic 3D knowledge
  • Any 3D software
  • Photoshop/3D Coat

What is the target audience?

  • 3D modelers
  • Indie Game Developers

Project Outline

Session 1: Setting-up the Building in Blender

  • Starting up blender to model our buildings
  • Look at reference images of WoW buildings
  • Begin building base

Session 2: Base modeling Buildings

  • Focus on basic shapes of the buildings
  • Blocking off basic shapes
  • Create silhouette of building

Session 3: Defining details on buildings

  • Focusing on details of the buildings
  • Following reference images to keep WoW style

Session 4: Begin texturing buildings

  • Going over reference textures
  • Opening 3D coat and going over some tools
  • Start hand painting textures on our mesh

Session 5: Texturing part 2

  • Using 3D coat to texture our 3D building
  • Going over how to paint on our textures to the mesh

Session 6: Texturing part 3

  • Going over minor details of our texture
  • Using different WoW texture references to help us through the process

Session 7: Finalizing textures and importing Model

  • Going over the last touches of texturing
  • Importing our mesh into blender and applying our texture map to it!


  • Blender
  • 3D Coat
  • Photoshop


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