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How to create Barbarian model from Clash Royale game from A to Z

How to create Barbarian model from Clash Royale game from A to Z

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  • Game Development
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  • Project length: 4h 47m

Hey there guys, in this video we are going to be creating Barbarian character from the very famous Supercell games! We will be going from star to finish on this game character including modeling from using references, unwrapping, texturing and checking the model with help of [Mixamo]( (software for automatic rigging and animations). We will start out with creating a base mesh and taking that base all the way to a finished, polished character.



As you might already know from my previous projects, my name is Stephen and in this project we are going to be recreating a Clash Royale and Clash of Clans Barbarian character from A to Z. We will be making all the models and sculpts within Blender. We will start off with a base mesh and sculpt the barbarian and all of his details, then we will start retopologizing the high-poly sculpt and to finish it up we will get into texturing clean materials in Substance Painter.

What are the requirements?

  • Blender (or any 3d software)
  • basic Knowledge of 3D
  • Substance Painter

What is the target audience?

  • 3D artist looking to learn
  • Indie game developers

Project Outline

Session 1: Begin sculpting major forms in Barbarian

  • Begin sculpting on our base mesh
  • Using Blender sculpt to start adding forms to the Barbarian
  • Creating basic shape with sculpting

Session 2: Sculpting secondary forms into Barbarian

  • Here we will be going into more detail to the Barbarian
  • Sculpting out more of facial details and shapes

Session 3: Finishing up sculpting

  • Adding minor details to create a polished mesh
  • Reduce all noise from the sculpt to replicate Supercell style

Session 4: Begin Retopology

  • Taking our high-poly mesh and turning it into a lower poly mesh
  • Making our mesh suitable for animation

Session 5: Texturing in Substance Painter

  • Begin texturing our Barbarian with Substance painter
  • Making sure to keep PBR textures clean and simple
  • Using different materials on our mesh

Session 6: Finish Texturing and applying Mixamo Animations

  • Detailing our finishing touches on our Barbarian
  • Importing our mesh into Mixamo to apply auto-rig and see our animations on the mesh


  • Blender
  • Substance Painter
  • Pen Tablet


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