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Creating a Lowpoly Warrior Character in Blender

Creating a Lowpoly Warrior Character in Blender

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  • Project length: 6h 04m

Hello guys, in this project we will be creating a lowpoly warrior character for your games. We will be covering the basics of blender an how to optimize workflow. This course we teach you on how to have an efficient pipeline for your 3d character models, aswell as showing you how to pack in detail to low polygon meshes.


This tutorial will be covering everything you need to know about character creation for a lowpoly pipeline. We will be diving into sculpting, modeling, baking maps, and texturing in this course. We will keep everything at an entry level so everyone can learn something from this course, even if you have never opened a 3D Software before in your life.

What are the requirements?

  • Blender 3D or any 3D program
  • Basic knowledge on character creation
  • Some sort of texturing software (Photoshop, Substance painter, etc..)
  • A drawing tablet (preferably)

What is the target audience?

  • Eager 3D artist to learn
  • Learners who want to enhance their knowledge on 3D character creation
  • Independent game developers

Project Outline

Session 1: Creating Base Model in Blender

  • Go over blender basics
  • We will start modeling out the Lowpoly warrior
  • Giving him clean topology for sculpting

Session 2: Begin Sculpting Basic Shapes on our model

  • Using blender sculpt to pack in details on our mesh
  • We will focus on the silhouette of the mesh

Session 3: Sculpting in Body details

  • Here we will be sculpting the anatomy of our character
  • Focusing on muscle an facial features
  • Reserving detail on our sculpt

Session 4: Sculpting Armor on our Warrior

  • We will get into hard surface sculpting with his armor
  • Creating soft fabrics with Blender sculpt

Session 5: Retopology Body

  • Here we will start taking our mesh into a lower poly count
  • making sure it keeps good topology

Session 6: Retopology Armor & Bake Maps

  • We will finish retopolgizng the armor of our warrior
  • Baking the maps for optimal details

Session 7: Texturing in Substance Painter

  • We will add all of our maps we baked to the mesh
  • Begin PBR texturing within Substance


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