How to Build Tinder like Android app in Kotlin

How to Build Tinder like Android app in Kotlin

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So, this is my second stream.... As the title says, this is a Tinder like app -- We will be using an image API to get photos and we will add swipe right/left to them as well as having a basic profile section. I'll be using Kotlin and Room Persistence Library, if i have a chance, I'll probably add coroutines from Kotlin experimental. We'll also use RxJava with rooms to make observables for our databse and api polling.


How to create a Tinder-like app


This tutorial will cover how to make a tinder-like app. We will be designing a native Android app from scratch that will mimic the functionality of Tinder. We will start from installing Android Studio and finish with a product that behaves like Tinder.


  • Android Studio
  • Kotlin
  • Basic knowledge of Gradle and Java
  • And the most important is: desire to learn

Target Audience

  • You want to learn how to make Android apps
  • Learners who want to use the latest Google libraries
  • This course will use Kotlin and hopefully example Android best practices


Weekly 6:30 PM EST on Monday and Friday

Project Outline

Session 1: Setting-up the Environment

  • Setting up the programming environment for linux

Session 2: Make a basic app from the template:

  • create a basic app
  • add a profile section

Session 3: Populate a Recyler View with dummy data:

  • Build a recycler view
  • Build a delegate
  • Load dummy data from Getty

Session 4: Working with an API

  • Create data classes
  • Add retrofit and moshi to our project
  • Pull data and pass the data into the recyclerview

Session 5: Pull data from the Getty API

  • add api key to secrets.xml
  • pull the data from the api
  • add swipes to the images

Session 6: Parcelables - keep the data between orientation changes

  • Modify models to be parcelables
  • Add a onSave and onLoad
  • Add an extension function to parcelables


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