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How to Build your first Android app in RxJava and Dagger

How to Build your first Android app in RxJava and Dagger

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  • Project length: 19h 48m

In most Android applications, you are reacting to user interactions (clicks, swipes and etc.) while doing something else in the background (networking). Orchestrating all of this is a hard thing and could quickly turn into an unmanageable code mess. For example, it isn't trivial to send a request to a database over network and after it completes start fetching user messages and preferences at the same time, and after all of that is complete show a welcome message. This is a case where RxJava (ReactiveX) excels - orchestrating multiple actions that happen due to certain events in the system. Using RxJava you will be able to forget callbacks and hellish global state management.


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This tutorial project will illustrate how to build Android applications the right way. Having a solid architecture in mind and utilizing popular libraries like Dagger 2, RxJava and Butterknife improve the apps workflow and help you to focus on the important parts. We will build a simple Pokédex application to show what is possible. At the end of this stream you will not only have a very own Pokédex but also the knowledge to build everything you want! The design is by Jake Bell. You can find it here.

What are the requirements?

  • Basic Android experience
  • Experiences in Java and understanding of OOP concepts (Inheritance, interfaces, …)
  • JSON

What is the target audience?

  • You have basic experience in Android
  • Learners who want to enhance their knowledge

When are the streaming sessions (streaming schedule)?

Friday and Sunday at 4pm EST


In the stream I announced that I will provide the snapshots of important application states. However LiveEdu does not allow to uploaded more than one file. Therefore I can only provide the latest snapshot, which is

EDIT: This project is done. Thank your for going on this adventure for me. I had a lot of fun doing it and I hope you had it as well following me. Feedback is greatly appreciated and will be rewarded with better quality of upcoming streams :D

Project Outline

Session 1: Setting-up the Environment 2017/11/4

  • Introduction
  • Create the project
  • Setup basic Gradle files and build chain
  • Add important application classes and mechanisms
  • Integrate Timber and Butterknife

Session 2: Dependency Injection 2017/11/5

  • Explain what dependency injection is
  • Explain what Dagger 2 is and its components
  • Add Dagger 2 and create application and activity scopes

Session 3: Clean code MVP architecture 2017/11/6

  • Why is architecture important and what is clean code MVP architecture
  • Build boilerplate units
  • Add units for the dashboard and the pokedex detail view
  • Add interactors

Session 4: The models 17/11/10

  • Create a new module
  • Add entities, models and transformers
  • Datastores and data sources
  • Add Pokemon data and expose them via datastore
  • And so the circle is complete: Showing Pokemon data in the view!

Session 5: Building the UI 2017/11/12

  • A concept of navigation
  • Building the layout files
  • Recyclerviews and adapters

Session 6: Building the UI - Advanced techniques 2017/11/17

  • Basic colors
  • Adding moves
  • Shared element transitions
  • Adding dynamic colors

Season 7: Building the UI - Charting 2017/11/19

  • Charts
  • Optional: Drawing map with custom views

Session 8: RxJava 2017/11/24

  • What is reactive programming and RxJava
  • Integrating RxJava in the PokédexApp
  • Pushing Pokemon in chunks and per item

Session 9: Extras and Outro 2017/11/26

  • Polishing
  • Adding launcher icon
  • Adding pokemon to your favorites
  • Outro


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