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How to design a cybersecurity website using photoshop


How to design a Cybersecurity website using Photoshop

with alihashmi5253|4 years experience

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How to design a cybersecurity website using photoshop

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In this course, you will learn super practical guidelines and rules for creating an amazing cyber security web design. Besides designing I will give you a brief introduction about what is cyber security, so that you will be a little literate about what cyber security is before you start. In this course you will gain skills on how to beautifully and intelligently design a cyber security website. You will watch the creation of web mockup from start to end to gain a better understanding of the design process. By the end of this course you will able to excite and make your clients happy by applying all the skills you learnt through this course. You should definitely watch it to literate yourself by designing an internet security website


This tutorial will consider all the details that are necessary to make a complete cyber security website. You will be guided through all steps and concepts. You will learn web design principles and photoshop skills to create web mockups. You will learn:

● How to make text look professionally designed.

● How to correctly use the power of colors

● You will learn where to get fonts, images, and icons for your website to shine all for free.

● How to create a layout using white space and visual hierarchy.

● And also to keep yourself inspired to learn more and more about website designs.

● And will make sure that your website stands out from the crowd with all modern designs.

● And you will be able to learn all this in `1-2 hours.

What are the requirements:

You need at least Photoshop CS4 and a basic understanding of how photoshop works.

Who is the target audience:

● This course is for anyone who wants to learn about how to create a cyber security website using photoshop.

● Anyone who wants to learn new skills to earn more money.

● Both beginners and advanced users are welcomed.

Project Outline

  • Introduction

Session 1- Knowing the photoshop tools necessary to learn web designing

  • Introduction

  • Rectangle tool

  • Rounded Rectangle tool

  • Ellipse tool

  • Polygonal tool

  • Line tool

  • Custom shape tool

  • Move tool

  • Alignment

  • Type tool and character panel

  • Eyedropper tool

  • Layers

  • Rectangular Marquee tool

  • Direct Selection tool

  • Gradient tool

  • Pen tool

-- Test your knowledge on photoshop tools

Session 2- A brief introduction about cyber security

Session 3- Steps of Web Designing

  • Introduction

  • Get the details

  • Inspiration

  • Wireframing

  • Implementation

Session 4- Useful tips and tricks

  • Introduction

  • Grid

  • Useful shortcuts of photoshop

  • Choosing colors

  • Choosing fonts

  • How to use google fonts

  • How to use awesome fonts

Session 5- How to get high quality resources

  • Introduction

  • Get the Bootstrap grid

  • Free high quality images

  • Web design inspiration

Session 6- Modern Corporate cyber security website

  • Introduction

  • Planning, Typography, colors and grid

  • Header

  • Slider

  • Our Services

  • Team

  • Testimonial

  • Contact form

  • Resource files


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