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agjs 302

Javascript Mentor at & Software Engineer at Airtame

Denmark, Copenhagen

Permanent / Contract / Temporary


Deeply passionate about tech in general, programming and building stuff people like to use. I've been in this industry for many years, been doing bunch of stuff and tech is part of my DNA. I don't think I could imagine my life without doing what I do, it's addicting.


  • angular
  • aws
  • C
  • Continuous Integration
  • CSS
  • express
  • Golang
  • grunt
  • gulp
  • heroku
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • node
  • reactjs

Employment History

  • Software Engineer | Airtame

    May 2017 - Present

    - Development and maintenance of the official company's website
    - Support of the analytics / marketing integrations
    - Development of Open Source / internal tools and libraries
    - Direct proxy for marketers and designers and what gets out to the web (working closely with designers, marketers, sales, support)
    - Development and maintenance of the Electron application based around React, Node, C++
    - Part of full-stack team assisting any project that requires help

  • Lead Developer | SOFIA Ltd.

    November 2015 - Present

    SOFIA - an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven app that helps STEM students and professionals enhance their understanding and confidence.

    At SOFIA together with our brilliant team and our CEO Edouard Siregar, a physicist and mathematician who've spent 17 years working at NASA, we are building an artificial intelligence application which helps STEM students improve their understanding and focus on two critical skills which AI will never replace, creative problem solving and critical thinking.

    With brilliance and 30+ years experience in this field, mister Edouard is an example to all of us and it's pleasure helping him pursue his life mission, changing the way we learn.

    Working with mister Edouard is one of the most amazing experiences in my life. This experience allowed me to understand how human brain works and by following some mathematical theorems, understand and improve my thinking process and how I approach problems and how I solve them.

    At SOFIA, together with our team, I've built an application prototype and currently we are in a process of talking to investors etc.

  • Javascript Mentor | Thinkful

    October 2015 - Present

    At Thinkful, I feel like a "factory" producing new developers. I work as a full stack mentor (professor in some way), producing new developers from ground up, teaching them development all the way from HTML and CSS up to creating full stack applications in JS stack. Besides new contacts and amazing feeling I get whenever my students get jobs, I personally evolve a lot as well, my knowledge is being enforced by many new ways of doing things and it's incredible how much you can learn by teaching.

    Besides teaching and coding, I'm involved in helping the curriculum team and in general I'm involved in anything that helps improving our mentoring experience and the company itself.

  • Senior Consultant | Cirons AB

    November 2015 - January 2016

    At Cirons, I helped with SCRUM and PM related stuff, helped the company (startup) get organized and refactored their frontend application which was initially write in jQuery and some other technologies and wrote a brand new one in Angular.

    Cirons is an online accountant application and it was one of my first experiences with these kinds of applications since I learned a lot about accounting in general as well and necessary parameters which are usually involved in this kind of applications.

  • Lead Developer | UPBIS AB

    October 2013 - December 2015

    UPBIS is a B2B Marketplace created around industrial groups who are having trouble selling their products.

    I have created the very first mockup of the product, I was part of idea creation and R&D and created very first version of the product using MEAN Stack (mongoDB, Express, Angular and Node). I've built frontend fully around Bootstrap with a bit of elements from Google Material Design.

    I've been also part of the tech accelerator in which I contributed a lot to product presentation and the pitch. I have also designed the power point presentation and helped with the creation of the concept of the pitch.

    Application consists of User Feed, Profile and B2B Marketplace.

    Application was built around ElasticSearch due to importance of finding the relevant things at any certain point of time.

    I have used GRUNT as a task runner for bundling and preparing the application for distribution. Application was setup and installed on Amazon AWS while initially I had it on Heroku.

  • Web Developer & Network Administrator | SweaSAT

    January 2009 - October 2011

    I worked as a main network administrator and web developer in local medium-size ISP company. I was maintaining 16 wirelessly connected access point stations which I initially configured and also physically installed on the highest peaks and building in and around the city. Equipment was based on Mikrotik and partially on CISCO. We had two servers, one running a hotspot and another serving as a log and backup server replicating the data and storing it on safe drives.


Languages (spoken)

  • Serbian

    (Native or bilingual proficiency)

  • English

    (Full professional proficiency)

Selected Projects

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